The client experience at Idea Spring is in the details.
Nobody does it better!

Meaningful, memorable, fun, unusual and unexpected experiences influence the way our clients feel about IS. The little details are so easy to overlook. But add a number of seemingly minor details all together and you end up with something of far more value than you would without them.

The little details keep our clients coming back time and time again. The little details keep our clients talking about and recommending IS's services to their clients and to their industry peers.

The little details differentiate IS and influence our clients over other national and local post production companies. Often, small-businesses cut out the little details when times get tough. Big mistake! Attentiveness and recognition cost nothing, nor do personalization and consideration.

What our Clients have to Say About Us

Larry Deutsch, Chief Marketing Officer ClearChoice Dental Implant Center
I have known Cathy Moore and have used her services for more than 20 years. When I started ClearChoice, I knew she was the only one who could handle the volume of work at the speed with which we were intending to grow. ClearChoice went from 5 Centers to 31. Every step of the way Cathy made sure to help the company succeed and handled the increase in work with the same "get it done" attitude with which she masterfully does all of her business. I cannot express enough how grateful I have always been to have Cathy Moore, and Idea Spring, as my post-production house. And the best part about Cathy is that she strives to do the best work at the lowest price. She was three times less than every other production house. And in the many years I've used her, there has never been one mistake on the air. Idea Spring really is the best post production house and the best value.
Donna Keeler, Director Alliance Marketing Services Hunter Douglas, Inc.
Having worked with Idea Spring over many years and many projects, I can honestly say that their utmost concern is their client's satisfaction. I have appreciated their sense of humor, willingness to collaborate and come up with a new and improved approach to our message, as well as meet our timeline - which can sometimes be tight. Cathy and crew are truly great to work with.
Jim Janicek, Executive Producer Janicek ~ Media Creative
Jared's advanced editing skills have alway helped us navigate some of the most difficult of network and studio delivery requirements. When we are producing content for Disney, NBC and others, I'm always very confident that our project is in very good hands.

Cathy is one of my favorite people in production because she knows the business so well and is always very open and honest. I'm a big believer that the smart survive in tough times because they have a gift for understanding business. Cathy is one of these leaders.
Linda King, Executive Director Adams County Food Bank
The video and website work by Idea Spring put a remarkably fresh face on the work we do at our two metro area food banks. The video pieces they engineered quite literally brought the work we accomplish at our non-profits into pure focus. This happens when real talent brings a camera and goes about capturing and editing the essence of what goes on. What you have with Idea Spring is a beautifully finished product you can take to the viewer or the marketplace that portrays what you do perfectly.
Ty Bradford, Director
Idea Spring does it right - they deliver on time, they can handle tight schedules and they provide creative solutions to the post process. I've now completed a few projects with Idea Spring and the best part about the whole process is, that I have no worries about handing off a project -- because I know that when I return, the results will be great!
J. Kevin Higgins, Executive Officer KitchenCUE
As an owner of a company whose main product is concentrated in video and digitally-based content we needed a leader in the industry to help us achieve our success. With such a large production industry in Denver there are volumes of options to choose from. Idea Spring was and is our top choice. By some measures, our projects are some of the most demanding. Idea Spring continues to impress with what they are able to do. There are many who can do this work but few who can excel at it as Idea Spring does. They have the latest technology and remain in the forefront of a rapidly changing industry. Not only do they have broad diversity of services and talents but they are exceptional at each of them. Originally hired for post-production needs they now are our complete production house for our projects, which are expanding into mobile applications and television production. They never miss a deadline, are technically savvy, are timely and well organized, have very user-friendly client accommodations, are customer service oriented, handle an extremely wide range of production services, and have a remarkable reputation in the industry with a long list of name brand clients. I highly recommend Idea Spring as your complete service center for all things video and production. You'll be glad you used them. They're simply remarkable!